Paul Weaver

Alchemy 365

Established in 2014, Alchemy started in the heart of Minneapolis to disrupt the fitness industry. Today it is known for being a national, top tier, multifaceted fitness studio with a robust physical health brand.

Our objective was to create a campaign that brings the intense nature of their workouts into the visual identity of the brand. Alchemy’s motto “Pursue You Legend” was our inspiration to challenge traditional health and wellness content.

Alchemy 365


Pursue Your Legend Campaign


From Alchemy’s Marketing Mgr.

I’ve worked with Paul on a variety of campaigns for work and they’re incredible. They’ve helped us transform our marketing and our ad strategy when it comes to videos. It’s changed the game. Through the campaigns and videos they’ve created, we’ve been able to bring our brand to life in a way that I’ve always dreamed of. Paul’s team is talented, forward-thinking, and so creative it hurts. I couldn’t recommend them enough!

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The Pursue Your Legend campaign earned an estimated 250,000 impressions and received nearly 200 direct paid engagements. Additionally, the Alchemy365 Instagram posted an engagement growth rate (through sponsored ads) of 95% for the period of October – December 2019.


We aimed to bring their energetic culture to life in video form.


Alchemy 365 Member Spotlight: Katya Carlson


Katya Carlson is an Alchemy 365 Northeast Member who has filled their community with light and joy since day one. She's a warrior that has found her strength, passion, and purpose.