Paul Weaver

Intermediate Workshop

Intermediate Photo Workshop w/ Paul Weaver

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June 22nd from 9am - 12pm

Be ready to shoot! This workshop is for you.

Spend 3 hours training with commercial and editorial photographer, Paul Weaver. Paul is well known for his in-depth easy to understand workshop. Paul has worked with multiple national brands like Caribou, Pepsi, Tory Sport and many more. Give your self an edge and invest in yourself. This is a hands-on workshop! Standout in the highly competitive, overcrowded world of professional photography or just improve your skills to capture that perfect portrait.

Intermediate Portrait Photography Workshop: Class is highly interactive and a model will be provided for students to practice with. In this intermediate, semi-private class (10 or less) learn how to use and find the best natural light using reflectors, scrims, on camera flash, off camera flash and the techniques behind editorial photographer to make your work stand out. You'll also learn about basic camera settings and principles, depth of field, composition, location scouting techniques, and basic equipment information to improve your images.

Classes cover these major topics and much more:

- How to use your Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, Depth of Field, and camera's metering system properly
- How to get razor sharp focus in all of your images
- How to find the best natural light -- good light vs. bad light
- How to shoot in different lighting conditions from bright to dark
- How to get the correct exposure and white balance
- How to work with a subject on posing, interacting with subjects
- How to build confidence as a photographer
- How to create images that are works of art, not just snapshots

What to bring (Requirements):

  • A DSLR Camera + Lens (no point & shoots)

  •  Must be able to change shutter speed, aperture, and ISO settings 

  • Charged Batteries + Memory card

  • A Notebook + Pen


Workshop Location:

2400 N 2nd St, Minneapolis, MN 55411