Paul Weaver

Case Study: Dogs of Instagram


Dogs Of Instagram

Photographer + Creative Director

2016 Christmas Campaign - Lucy & Co. Flannel

We launched a video with the purpose of presenting an emotionally engaging story that the target audience could place themselves in. The story involved a couple giving their dog a sweater from that matched theirs. The purpose being that if the audience put themselves in that story they would do the same. 

Client: Lucy & Co.
Agency: Dogs Of Instagram
Creative: Christopher Behnen, Paul Weaver
Director/Cinematographer: Christopher Behnen
Photographer: Paul Weaver
Stylist: Sami Huerta
Talent: Sami Huerta, Shane Benton, Gus the goldendoodle
Dog Wrangler: Aubrey Bergstrom

Social engagement in the first 24 hours:

Comments 492

Likes 31,507

Views 120,206