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Teaming up with a local artist: Ash Rockwell


The music scene gets all the credit for the beginning of my passion for photography. I'm humbled to have worked in the music scene alongside musicians for a few years. I found myself being able to relate with them on a much deeper level, as I came to realize that musicians process in a much similar way as photographers. Since hanging up shooting in the music industry about 3 years ago, I have tackled a few private shoots in-studio and around the city with artists since then, but nothing as extreme as before. I'm now finding myself attending shows again, wanting to work with artists outside of my 9-5 who are pushing the boundaries with their sound, and carry the same passionate drive that I do.

This past year I met a 19 year-old from Minnesota named Alex. He goes by the name Ash Rockwell. The first time I heard his music was at a friends apartment, where I met Ash and he started playing some of the music we hadn't released on Spotify yet. His humble character really made me want to collaborate with him. Here are a few photos from our most recent shoot.

check out his music on SPOTIFY -

follow him on INSTAGRAM: @ash.rockwell

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