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What's your end game?

The end game is a beautiful thing. What if we had a personal goal that we could remind ourself on a daily basis?

What if your end goal is to make a positive impact on people? Maybe to inspire others? Personally, that's what gets me up every day.  My challenge to myself and to you is to write down what your end goal is at the beginning of each day. So many of us struggle with this question, or haven't even bothered to tackle it in the first place. At what point did we as people become blinded by the ease of jumping on autopilot? A carousel leading us nowhere instead of boarding the ship that is going to lead us somewhere? Watching the people around us to see where they are going. 

There's only one "you" ever to exist in the history of this planet. There has never been anyone like you and there never will be. So knowing that, it's a given that your end goal isn't going to look like anyone else around you. Whether that end goal is big or small, known or unknown, the first step is going out there and reminding yourself that it's yours if you try to take it. Pursuit it daily. Turn it into habitual routine. Let it transform you. Remake you. Redesign and reinspire you. 

You are the only person who knows how. 

Paul Weaver