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I've spent the past couple of months traveling around trying to figure out what the next big thing is. I've realized through all of it, that the answer is right in front of me. It is something that's undervalued. It's people. Investing in people is something that I truly want to hold myself accountable for, as it's something I've been called to do.

There are so many photographers in the world that are incredible. Personally, I'm truly inspired by the personality that each individual one carries through a picture. Through my work, I want to elevate people. I want people to understand that they're valuable. This past year for me has been one of the most challenging, yet greatest years, and I want to start off my blog with this: One of the greatest things I've realized is that I used to live for myself, and now I'm living for Him. He changed my life on the inside and I want to tell the world. I can't wait to start creating and making stories with you.

- Paul

Paul Weaver