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The fear of having to constantly be moving

As a photographer, and even more as a freelancer, I feel the constant pressure to be on the cutting edge of what's trending. It can be quite overwhelming. Not only because you have to constantly be creating, but constantly proving yourself, while also being authentic. Why is there always constant pressure to create? This is a question I ask myself everrrrryday.

Even when I'm at pause, being intentional about not editing another photo, or scrolling for hours on Instagram, I'm still stuck on thinking about what's going to be the next move and what my goals are. I've never been scared of competition, but I've always had anxiety about not moving fast enough. One thing i've been getting better at is blocking off my Sunday, the day of Sabbath, to rest in the Lord and to spend time with others. I'm chuckling right now, because even at church on Sunday mornings, I'm still taking pictures. I thought I'd include these photos of my beautiful Samuela, because her and many others have encouraged me to slow down and take time to be present in what the Lord is doing.

As soon as I start taking attention off of my self, and start focusing on others, the Lord is so faithful to flood me with peace.

Love you guys,



Paul Weaver