Paul Weaver

Upcoming Workshops






Saturday, January 26 / Beginner Photo Workshop / RSVP HERE

Saturday, February 2 /  Intermediate Photo Workshop / RSVP HERE

Saturday, February 2 / Video Photo Workshop / Registration opens 12/14

Saturday, February 9 / Beginner Photo Workshop / RSVP HERE


April TBD  /  Intermediate Photo Workshop / Opens January 1st


These workshops were birthed out of wanting to share what I wish I would have learned when I first picked up a camera with others. I tell people all the time that I wish I would have taken the time to invest in a Photo and Video workshop, or seminar when I first started out. It took years of practice and unusable photos before I was able to get a grasp on how to use the the technical levers behind each photo, as well as take an concept or idea and turn it into a polished video. My goal with every workshop is to give people the knowledge, confidence, and resources that will allow them to take their work to the next level.



What past attendees have to say!

"After taking a break from photography for over 7 years, I decided to pick up my camera again. I quickly found out I needed to go back to the fundamentals and start from scratch. I have been following Paul on social media for some time and I was always impressed by his skills and ability to make any photo extraordinary. When he released his beginners workshop I immediately jumped at the opportunity and I'm so glad I did. He not only went over the fundamentals of photography, but he spent quality 1:1 time with everyone in the course, helped them with their individual camera, and went above and beyond to answer everyones questions. If you just got your very first camera today or have been a photographer for years, everyone can learn something from Paul and his team and I 11/10 would recommend his workshops." 

- Izzy, Beginner Workshop Attendee

"Paul’s Beginner Photography Workshop not only provided me with the knowledge of operating my camera but also inspired creativity in exploring photography. Before Paul’s workshop I barely took out my camera, but now I take every opportunity to use the knowledge I’ve gained from his workshop and the joys of photography. Truly if you want to learn the ropes of photography by an amazing teacher while alongside likeminded individuals also passionate about learning than I highly recommend you sign up for his next one! "

- Mikayla, Beginner Workshop Attendee

“Taking Paul’s Photography Workshop for beginners has been the highlight of my year, without a doubt. I was quite nervous and unsure if perhaps I had made a mistake signing up for it since I had never even handled a DSLR camera before but Paul’s kind and enthusiastic nature quickly put those nerves to rest. To go from just barely knowing how to turn the camera on to wanting to consume every minute of my free time putting his lessons to practical use is a huge testament to his workshop. His passion for photography is evident through his immense talent but his passion for connecting with people and sharing his gift with the world is inspiring, and ultimately contagious. I look forward to expanding my knowledge of photography with another one of Paul’s workshops!“

- Susie, Beginner Workshop Attendee